The usual rules of tennis courtesy shall prevail.

ATTIRE: Appropriate tennis attire should be worn at all times. All players are required to wear tennis shoes and must wear shirts.

BUSY TIMES: When both courts are filled and others are waiting, all sets shall terminate via tiebreaker at “6-all”. Players on the court must sit out the next set then may rotate in.

Playing singles is discouraged when members are waiting to play.

RESERVATIONS: For the convenience of members, it is possible to reserve a court for special pre-arranged games limited to one hour after 1 PM. To reserve a time, post a notice on the white board, then erase it when done. In no case shall anyone, as an individual or as a member of a group, reserve a court more than three times a week.

CLAY COURT: When the clay court is wet, players will not walk on the court, raise the net, or retrieve lost balls. 

LESSONS: The all-weather court will be used for lessons or ball machine practice any time the pro is available, and both adults and children will have priority. There will be no lessons given on the clay court. When the clay court is wet, there will be no lessons or ball machine practice on the all-weather court while other members are waiting to play. 

SET UP GAMES: To set up games or share pictures and stories, please visit our Facebook page by going to and searching for “Charlevoix Tennis Club”.

We sincerely hope our rules will not only promote good tennis, but more sociability among members. If you have any suggestions to improve these rules, please bring them to the attention of the Board.